Join in the conversation on diverse topics ranging from the science of learning, to navigating tricky conversations, to flexing your positivity muscle, to the political climate in the Middle East, to kid-friendly leadership lessons from Lincoln.  Please see below for more information and click on the date and time for full salon details.


November 12th at 8am
The science of learning! Rockefeller University scientist, Disan Davis, PhD, will share her insights on the science behind learning and best practices for the most effective learning strategies and retention. Hosted in Midtown.

November 19th at 12pm
Joy! Ingrid Fetell Lee, author of Joyful, will discuss the science behind emotions to boost positivity in your everyday life. Hosted in SoHo.

November 21st at 8am
Columbia University Professor, David Phillips, will share insights on developments in Syria, Turkey and the Middle East. Hosted in Midtown.

December 2nd at 1:30pm
Communications expert, Deborah Riegel, will discuss how to best navigate conflict and facilitate challenging conversations at the office or in your personal life. Hosted on the Upper East Side.

December 3rd at 5:00pm
Leadership Lessons from Lincoln! Bring your kids for an engaging discussion with American History Professor Louis MasurPhD, who will share lessons on leadership gleaned from Honest Abe. Hosted in Midtown.


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