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We custom curate educational events led by experts in a social, professional or private setting. Learning opportunities may range from private one-on-one sessions with an expert, to dinner party entertainment, to interactive salons or panels, both live and virtual.  

"Learning has to be a lifetime pursuit and lifetime occupation.”

David Nasaw, PhD
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“No matter what life stage you’re at, no matter what profession you're in, we all have interests outside of what we're exposed to everyday."

Lauren Bush Lauren
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"In a world in which social media dominates…having that person-to-person contact can be very important.”

Zachary R. Wood
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“We have a global responsibility to be engaged as citizens."

Vanessa Kerry, MD
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“When we're not learning, challenging ourselves, expanding our perspective over the course of our life, we are not living our fullest, richest life."

Sasha Heinz, PhD
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Featured Experts

Sue Mi Terry, PhD

North Korea Expert, Former CIA

David Burtka

Chef, Author, Actor

Thelma Golden

Director and Chief Curator, The Studio Museum in Harlem

Harry Enten

Senior Political Writer and Analyst, CNN Politics

Catherine Sanderson, PHD

Professor, Amherst College

Kelly Rutherford

Actress, Gossip Girl

Martin Makary, MD

Healthcare Futurist, Medical Writer

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NSL Experience is for anyone with a shared curiosity and a passion for learning. We bring experts to you on a convenient and flexible timetable.

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