Kara Alaimo, PHD

Author and Communication Expert

David Anderson, PhD

Senior Director of ADHD and Behavior Disorders, Child Mind Institute

Emily Balcetis, PHD

Professor of Psychology, NYU

Manuel Betancourt, PHD

Writer, Film Critic, Cultural Reporter

Melissa Biggs Bradley

Travel Expert, Founder of Indagare

David Burtka

Chef, Author, Actor

Kat Cohen, PhD

University Admissions Expert, Founder of IvyWise

Nancy Colier

Mindfulness Expert, Psychotherapist

Disan Davis, PHD

Scientist, The Rockefeller University

Lindsay Fram

Sexuality Educator, Trainer, Consultant

Jeanne Garbarino, PhD

Scientist, The Rockefeller University

Jodi Gold, MD

Pediatric Psychiatrist, Author of Screen-Smart Parenting

Lauren Hersh

Activist, Educator, Gender Violence, Lawyer

Jamie Howard, PhD

Pediatric Psychologist, Child Mind Institute

Erica Cargill Jones, MD

Director of HeartHealth, New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Janet Kennedy, PHD

Sleep Expert, Clinical Psychologist

David Kirsch

Mind, Body, Fitness Expert, Founder of Madison Square Club

Gerald Loughlin, MD

Pediatrician-in-Chief, New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Ari Meisel

Productivity Expert

Jordan Metzl, MD

The Athlete’s Doctor, Author of 6 Wellness Books

Kate Mulgrew

Actress, Author, Alzheimer’s Activist

Cara Natterson, MD

Pediatrician, Author and Puberty Expert

Tripler Pell, MD

Family Medicine, Children’s Book Writer

Aliza Pressman, PhD

Co-Founding Director of Mount Sinai Parenting Center, Co-Founder of Seedlings Group

Hugh Sampson, MD

Director, Jaffe Food Allergy Institute, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Angela Santomero

Co-Creator, Executive Producer, and Head Writer: Blue’s Clues and Super Why!

Rebecca Soffer

Grief and Resilience Expert

Robin Stern, PhD

Psychoanalyst, Author of The Gas Light Effect

Taslim Tagore

Therapist, Meditation Coach

Nim Tottenham, PhD

Child Brain Development Psychology, Neuroscience

Sima Toussi, MD

Pediatric Infectious Disease Expert

Jennifer Wallace

Award-Winning Journalist, Author

Odaelys Walwyn, PhD

Scientist, The Rockefeller University

Leia Yongvanich

Mindset Psychology Expert, NYC Educator

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