Select a curated series to really delve into an area of interest. Choose 3 or more experts from those featured in an NSL Series, and explore the subjects that peak your curiosity over multiple sessions. We also custom curate content, so please inquire on specific topics of interest not highlighted below.

Career Skills

Diversify your skill set and stand out at work with sessions in etiquette, improvisation and innovation! Select 3 or more experts to join you and your team for a thought-provoking workshop.

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Political Discourse

Debate national issues of importance ranging from gun control, to cybersecurity, to Black Lives Matter, to healthcare. Select 3 or more experts from those featured to dissect these topics and more.

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Culture Corner

Enter the world of the arts with engaging experts in contemporary art, architecture, theater, classical music, opera, dance, and more. Choose 3 or more experts to immerse yourself in various aspects of culture.

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The Middle East Through Multiple Lenses

What do a former intelligence officer, a war photographer, a peace-building advisor, a CUNY professor, and an acclaimed writer have in common? They can all speak articulately and intelligently about the environment and developments in the Middle East! Choose 3 or more of these experts to debrief you on the current climate.

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Light Bites

Explore topics ranging from food & wine, to skincare, to magic, to manners, to spiritualism, and more! Sign up for Light Bites and get inspired with 3 or more of the featured experts in this Series.

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Parenting Pack

Seek parenting advice on everything from sleep training to social media. Select 3 or more parenting experts to give you sage parenting tips and tricks.

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Fiction Fun

Engage in a Book Club discussion with the authors in attendance! Select 3 or more authors to join your group for an engaging discussion on their novel, writing process and general background.

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Catch up on sleep, de-stress, unplug, check-in and recharge. Focus on self-care by signing up for Wellness and choose 3 or more of the featured experts in this Series.

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