Join in the conversation on diverse topics ranging from behavioral economics and the psychology of money, to women in expressionist abstract art, to an informative session on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and even a tasting of whiskeys from around the world. Please see below for more information and click on the date and time for full salon details.


August 26th at 3:30pm
An informative introduction into the dynamics of astrology! John Marchesella will lead the discussion on planets, signs and houses, and give us an exciting glimpse into what astrology can mean for you. Generously hosted at Rosie’s in Amagansett.

September 17th at 12pm
Take a look at the unsung and often overlooked women of abstract expressionist art with art expert, professor, and curator Anna Swinbourne, PhD. Generously hosted at Chanel in midtown.

September 26th at 8am
Comedian, author and behavioral science expert, Jeff Kreisler, will lead a lively discussion on behavioral economics and the psychology of money, highlighting impactful principles that can help us all. Hosted in Midtown.

October 7th at 12pm
Get a deeper understanding of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict with Sarah Yerkes, PhD, Middle East and North Africa expert. Generously hosted at Maison on the Upper East Side.

October 15th at 6pm
Wet your whistle with whiskey and tequila expert, Brian Matthys. Brian will take you on a journey of whiskeys from around the world. Generously hosted at Ralph Lauren on the Upper East Side.


If you are interested in hearing more please email us or click on the RSVP link below.

Salon admission is on a first come, first serve basis. We look forward to hearing from you!

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