We hope you can join us for one of our early spring salons. Topics range from lie detection, to the cybersecurity, to wine, to leadership and more. Please see below for more details and click on the date and time for full salon details.

February 27th at 8am

How to spot a liar. Hear Noah Zandan, Behavioral Intelligence Expert, speak to language cues which help in lie detection. Hosted at Zo. Clubhouse in Rockefeller Center.

February 27th at 6pm

Cybersecurity and the latest threats. Join in conversation with Lisa Sotto, who has been voted the world's leading privacy advisor, and who is also the Chairperson for the Department of Homeland Security's Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee. Generously hosted by the Core Club.

March 5th at 10am

What can we learn from rejection? Journalist and Comedian, Emily Winter, talks about her year of 100 Rejections! Funny and inspiring. Generously hosted at alice + olivia.

March 7th at 8am

Leadership through storytelling, with communications expert, Lindy Amos. Tips for how to connect and influence an audience of any size. Hosted in Midtown.

April 2nd at 6pm

Come ready for a fun and festive wine tasting experience.  Michael Green, formerly of Gourmet Magazine, brings humor and knowledge to the world of wine!  Generously hosted by Inga Rubenstein.  Bring your partner.

April 9th at 12pm

Lunch with the most dynamic duo!  Longtime friends, colleagues, actresses, collaborators, activists and esteemed award winners, Kathy Chalfant and Kate Mulgrew, talk about life, theater and love. Hosted Downtown.

April 16th at 3:45pm

A special interactive workshop for anyone with a daughter age 8-12. Simone Humphrey, PhD and Signe Simon, PhD, reveal how we can all build confidence and challenge our inner critics by focusing on self-compassion. Generously hosted at the Voltz Clarke Gallery on the Upper East Side.

April 23rd at 6pm

Get inspired with the most inspiring movie scenes of all time! Yale film professor and renowned film expert, Marc Lapadula, will take us through the 10 most inspiring scenes in recent film history.  Generously hosted by the Core Club. Bring your partner.



If you are interested in hearing more please email us or click on the RSVP link below.

Salon admission is on a first come, first serve basis. We look forward to hearing from you!

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