Beth Baron, PhD

Middle East and Egypt Expert

Steven J. Brams, PHD

New York University Professor, Politics

Elizabeth Comen, MD

Medical Oncologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Gidi Grinstein

Israeli/Palestinian Expert

Dagmar Herzog, PhD

Nazi and Holocaust Historian, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Meg Jacobs, PhD

Princeton Professor, Author of Panic at the Pump

Philae Knight

Art Expert, Phillip’s Auction House

Michael Koncewicz, PHD

Historian, Author

Philip Lasser

Composer, Juilliard Professor

Louis Masur, PHD

Cultural Historian and Professor

Haroon Moghul

Middle East Expert

Melissa Murray

Professor of Law

David Nasaw, PhD

Non-Fiction Writer, Professor at CUNY

David L. Phillips

Director, Institute for the Study on Human Rights, Columbia University

Jeffery Povero

NYC Architect, Designer

Chase Robinson, PhD

Expert on Islam, President of CUNY Graduate Center, Author

Susie Orman Schnall

Author, We Came Here to Shine, The Balance ProjectThe Subway Girls

Ivan Shaw

Photography Expert, Condé Nast

Rick Smolan

CEO of Against All Odds Productions, Best-Selling Author and Photographer

Anna Swinbourne, PHD

Art Expert, Professor and Executive Director & CEO, Hill-Stead Museum

Sue Mi Terry, PhD

North Korea Expert, Former CIA

Lisa Yancey

Organizational Development Consultant

Sarah Yerkes, PHD

Middle East and North Africa Expert

Julian Zelizer, PhD

CNN Political Analyst, Princeton Professor of History and Public Affairs

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