Cristina Alger

Screenwriter, Producer, Bestselling Author

Jonathan Alpeyrie

War Correspondent, Author

Emily Balcetis, PHD

Professor of Psychology, NYU

Beth Baron, PhD

Middle East and Egypt Expert

Monica Berg

Kabbalah Expert, Author

Kate Betts

Former Editor of Harper’s Bazaar, Author of My Paris Dream

David Burstein

Millennial Expert, Political Activist

Norm Champ

Partner, Kirkland & Ellis and Author, Going Public

Amy Chozick

Journalist, Author, Chasing Hillary

Fiona Davis

Bestselling Author

Gloria Feldt

Leadership Development Expert

Richard Thompson Ford

Civil Rights Expert

Elyssa Friedland

Fiction Writer, Author of Love and Miss Communication

Peter Green, MD

Director of Celiac Disease Center at Columbia, Author of Gluten Exposed

Zack Greenburg

Former Senior Editor at Forbes, Best-Selling Author

Dagmar Herzog, PhD

Nazi and Holocaust Historian, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Meg Jacobs, PhD

Princeton Professor, Author of Panic at the Pump

Molly Jong-Fast

Non-Fiction Writer, Journalist and Author of The Social Climber’s Handbook

Erica Jong

Acclaimed Author of Fear of Flying, Essayist, Poet

Alex Jutkowitz

Marketing, Communications Expert

Ann Leary

Fiction Writer, Author of The Good House

Richard McCoy, PhD

Shakespeare Scholar, Distinguished Professor Queen’s College

Mark Oldman

Wine Expert, Author, TV Personality

Mary-Louise Parker

Actress, Author

Chris Pavone

Fiction Writer, Author of 5 Best Selling Thrillers

Tripler Pell, MD

Family Medicine, Children’s Book Writer

Tahl Raz

Innovation Expert, Best-Selling Author

Eve Rodsky

Organizational Management Expert

Linda Rossetti

Non-Fiction Writer, Best-Selling Author of Women and Transition

Pamela Ryckman

Screenwriter, Producer and Author, Stiletto Network

Catherine Sanderson, PHD

Professor, Amherst College

Susie Orman Schnall

Author, We Came Here to Shine, The Balance ProjectThe Subway Girls

Allison Winn Scotch

Fiction Writer, Best-Selling Author of The Theory of Opposites

Adam Segal, PhD

Council on Foreign Relations, Director of Digital and Cyberspace Policy

Rinku Sen

Writer and Political Strategist

Ivan Shaw

Photography Expert, Condé Nast

Rebecca Soffer

Grief and Resilience Expert

Nadine Strossen

Civil Liberties and Constitutional Law Expert, Author of HATE: Why We Should Resist it with Free Speech, Not Censorship

Taslim Tagore

Therapist, Meditation Coach

Theo Theoharis, PhD

Harvard University Professor, Literature Scholar

Clémence Von Mueffling

Author, Founder, Beauty and Well-Being

Jennifer Wallace

Award-Winning Journalist, Author

Nicola Wheir

Fiction Writer, Best-Selling Author, The Nanny Diaries

Alexandra Wolfe

Journalist, Author, Valley of the Gods

Julian Zelizer, PhD

CNN Political Analyst, Princeton Professor of History and Public Affairs

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