Join in the conversation on diverse topics ranging from the U.S / North Korea relationship, to parenting in a digital world, to a sake tasting, to the current state of American democracy, and finally an intimate discussion with actress and author, Kate Mulgrew. Please see below for more information and click on the date and time for full salon details.


September 17th at 7pm
Gain a revealing understanding of the U.S. / North Korea relationship from one of world's leading authorities on North Korea. Former CIA analyst, Sue Mi Terry, PhD will lead us in a discussion on the current political climate between the two nations.

September 24 at 4pm
Psychotherapist and author, Nancy Colier, talks about parenting and technology and the effects it has on our impressionable children today.

October 8th at 7pm
Taste, learn and talk sake with "The Sake Ninja", Chris Johnson. He will take us through the basics of sake, as well as popular pairings.

November 12th at 6:30pm
The law and politics of American democracy today. Rick Pildes, NYU School of Law Professor and one of the nation’s leading scholars of constitutional lawdiscusses the legal issues concerning the current state of American democracy, such as partisan gerrymandering, voting rights, and campaign finance, as well as looks ahead to the 2020 Election.

November 20th at 7pm
Calling all wine lovers! Wine and dine with Michael Green, the wine consultant to Gourmet Magazine for over 20 years, to taste and learn more about wine in advance of the holiday season! Green’s expertise in the world of food and drink is unrivaled. He is the creator and host of the web series, The Wine Hero, and serves as the food, drink, and travel consultant to Departures Magazine.

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