Kaveh Alizadeh, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Chairman, Mission: Restore

Chris Barton

Co-Founder of Shazam

Disan Davis, PHD

Scientist, The Rockefeller University

Mark Evans, MD

Genetics Expert

Kadija Ferryman, PHD

Health Data Expert, Cultural Anthropologist

Jeffrey Friedman, MD, PhD

Rockefeller University Professor, Human Genetics and Weight

Jeanne Garbarino, PhD

Scientist, The Rockefeller University

Daniel Gartenberg, PHD

Sleep Expert

Michael Gerrard

Columbia Law School Professor, Environmental and Energy Law

Jodi Gold, MD

Pediatric Psychiatrist, Author of Screen-Smart Parenting

Spencer Greenberg, PHD

Polymath, Entrepreneur, Mathematician

Robert Hallman

Energy and Environmental Policy Expert

Heather Hansen

Persuasion/Influence Expert, Credibility Expert

Sarah Holloway

Entrepreneurship, Education Technology (EdTech), Start Ups, and Non-Profit Management, Columbia University

Philae Knight

Art Expert, Phillip’s Auction House

Brendan Koerner

Journalist, Contributing Editor at Wired

Jim Rickards

Geopolitical and Capital Markets Expert

Katherine Saunders, MD

Obesity Expert, Weill Cornell Medicine

Adam Segal, PhD

Council on Foreign Relations, Director of Digital and Cyberspace Policy

Michael Slepian, PHD

Secrecy, Trust and Deception, Columbia Business School

Rick Smolan

CEO of Against All Odds Productions, Best-Selling Author and Photographer

Nim Tottenham, PhD

Child Brain Development Psychology, Neuroscience

Alexis Tryon

Entrepreneur, Futurist

Odaelys Walwyn, PhD

Scientist, The Rockefeller University

Matthew Waxman

National and Cyber Security Law, Columbia Law School Professor

Billie Whitehouse

Wearable Technology Innovator

Russ Winer, PhD

Marketing Expert, Author, NYU Stern Professor

Josh Wolfe

VC, Emerging Technologies

Noah Zandan

Behavioral Intelligence Expert

Leslie Zane

Behavioral Marketing Expert

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